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Even one of the movie's more gently amusing bits, Mike's serial mispronunciation of words like "exploit" and "imperative," is run into the ground.

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There are a couple of good lines strewn here and there — Dan references Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself" while telling his overweight son Britton Sear that masturbation is OK — but most of the dialogue is in-one-ear-out-the-other forgettable. Vaughn's work here might be best described as functional — he does a very slight variation on the same persona he's been playing for years: the brash guy with a heart of gold. As appealing and assured a comic performer as he is, the actor hasn't stretched or challenged himself in a long time; "Unfinished Business" makes one hope, more urgently than ever, that he has something else up his sleeve on the next season of "True Detective.

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If the movie has a bright spot, it's Franco. Speaking in stoner-surfer cadences, his face regularly expanding into an infectiously goofy grin, the actor is the one person onscreen who seems determined to cobble together what little he's given into a distinctive character.

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Otherwise, this dead-of-winter dud should be avoided like the flu. Vaughn, an immensely talented comic actor in dire need of better material, is St. Louis businessman Dan Trunkman. Their younger daughter Bess Ella Anderson seems seriously depressed, as well. Photo Credit: Jessica Miglio. Courtesty photo and Jessica Miglio Buy Photos.

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Catchy, playful, and highly entertaining, Truckman Dan by Anton Gilfoyle, with illustrations by Leanne Allen, is sure to delight all young truck lovers, whether they. Catchy, playful, and highly entertaining, Truckman Dan, created and written by Anton Gilfoyle, with illustrations by Leanne Allen, is sure to delight all young truck .

They were all written by Steven Conrad. What could go wrong?

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Tim, played by Tom Wilkinson, is an elderly man let go from his job because of his age. Mike, played by Dave Franco, is a confusing young man with no business experience.

Filled with hope— and contempt toward their former company, the three launch their business. A year later, they are in debt and desperate for a business deal — so desperate they travel to Germany to get the sacred handshake that will seal the deal.

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