The Dali Connection (The Frank Pilger Stories)

Robert Rauschenberg
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It also represents a reunion for three actors from The Talented Mr. Breaking dawn. Part 1. You know, be like his heroes in the bohemian Paris of the s. Ryan Gosling has formidable presence as the un-named hero: a classic celluloid stranger whose eyes give away everything his controlled dialogue tries to conceal. He makes fair money as an in-demand getaway driver with a legit career in stunt-driving and racing ahead of him. But when a protective relationship is struck with a coping mother Carey Mulligan and her young son Kaden Leos he breaks his own rules to help her backslider husband with one last heist.

Page one: inside the New York Times. Page One skilfully paints a nuanced picture of journalists continuing to produced extraordinary work — under increasingly difficult circumstances. At the heart of the film is the burning question on the minds of everyone who cares about a rigorous press: what will happen if the fast-moving future of media leaves behind the fact-based, original reporting that helps to define our society?

http://xn----7sbarccbofbdikbzuj4akjp8a.xn--p1ai/modules/reshebnik-geografiya/russkiy-yazik-3-klass-kompleksniy-trenazher-gdz.html Jane Eyre. Sometimes, casting can make all the difference. Though his housekeeper Dame Judi Dench, excellent makes Jane feel welcome, the brooding Rochester attempts to mock and demean her, but the quick-witted year-old can hold her own… Adapted from Amazon. Crazy, stupid, love.

Cal Carell is long married to Emily Moore , until one day she drops divorce on him, out of the blue. Stunned, Cal tries to reassemble his life as a woefully unprepared single guy. Friends with benefits. Whether arguing the virtues of the band Kriss Kross or engaging in activities unprintable on an all-ages website, Timberlake and Kunis display the snappy back-and-forth of a classic cinematic coupling. Ayoade is, of course, best known for playing Moss in The I. Submarine is, ultimately, a diligently balanced comedy drama, and a special one at that.

Warmly recommended. From Amazon. The trip. In the style of Curb Your Enthusiasm , the story is fictional but based around their real personas. When Steve is commissioned by the food supplement of a Sunday newspaper to review half a dozen restaurants, he decides to mix work with pleasure and plans a trip around the north with his food-loving American girlfriend. But when she decides to leave him and return to the States, Steve is faced with a week of meals for one, not quite the trip he had in mind. Reluctantly, he calls Rob, the only person he can think of who will be available.

Never one to turn down a free lunch let alone six , Rob agrees and together they set off for a culinary adventure. Over the course of six meals at six different restaurants in and around the Lake District, Lancashire and the Yorkshire Dales, the ultimate odd couple find themselves debating the big questions of life, such as how did I get to be here and where do I go next, over a series of culinary delights.

How I ended this summer. Russian heartthrob Grigory Dobrygin stars as Pavel, a young graduate posted to a remote meteorological station over the summer months. The help. If the multi-character narrative revolves around race relations in the Kennedy-era South, the perspective belongs to the women. Unlike her peers, Skeeter wants to work, so she gets a job as a newspaper columnist.

Adapted from Amazon. The beaver. Plagued by his own demons, Walter Black was once a successful toy executive and family man who now suffers from depression. Beautiful boy. Bill Michael Sheen and Kate Maria Bello hopelessly try to find some hint of an explanation after finding out that their only son committed a mass shooting at his university before taking his own life. They struggle numbly through the funeral, the media onslaught, and the awkward pity from relatives and friends.

Their already strained marriage is tested as they realize all they have left with each other is their shared grief and confusion — and the unfortunate legacy of their son. This life-altering event forces Bill and Kate to face their feelings of guilt, rage, blame, self-discovery — and ultimately hope — so that they can finally see each other and their chance for happiness again with clear eyes. Certified copy. On the surface set in gorgeous looking Tuscany, not Iran, and using professional actors, including world cinema muse, Juliette Binoche , this is a very commercial and unusual film from the Iranian maestro, Abbas Kiarostami.

However, once the story unfolds, we are taken into the labyrinth he always presents us with. We go thorough an intellectual journey with a man William Shimell and a woman Juliette Binoche who appear to be strangers but before we know it, they seem to become a long-time married couple. Kiarostami bewitches us by challenging what is genuine or fake, and we may feel that we are playing hide and seek with the characters. A magical Kiarostami tour. After the consecutive success of Old Joy and Wendy and Lucy , the indie queen, Kelly Reichardt, gained a bigger budget and tackled the historical genre.

But thankfully, she has no intentions of going to Hollywood. This pre-history tale of the American West is even more minimal than previous ones, and the storytelling is made up of small details and a few indirect narratives. The killing. The complete series one. Compared by many to The Wire the show is perhaps not quite at that level, as there a number of slightly dodgy plot twists employed to flesh the story out to 20 episodes.

However where it excels is in the crushing details of the human toll on those involved — absent from so many hour-long Police procedural shows — offering a kind of novelistic take on the grief of the Danish family shattered by the loss of their daughter, and the punishing weight of the investigation on the main character. Water for elephants. Fantastic movie depicting the hard lives of circus folk plus their love for the animals.

If you enjoy romance with a bit of action plus animals, then this is the movie for you. You will need to reserve it and start watching as soon as you get it as there are 6 discs. It is a gritty Danish TV series which Americans have now copied not too bad a copy either.

Never let me go. The social network. Like it or not Facebook is a phenomena and has a history worth exploring. Source code. Jake Lonergan Daniel Craig, of James Bond fame wakes up in the midst of sagebrush with a mysterious gadget around his wrist and no idea who he is—but he sure does remember how to take care of the bounty hunters who want to bring him in. But their fracas becomes beside the point when spaceships descend and start lassoing people like cattle. Something borrowed. The walking dead.

Produced by Frank Darabont The Shawshank Redemption and Gale Anne Hurd Aliens and based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead follows a band of Atlanta-based survivors of a viral outbreak that has caused the dead to rise up and consume the living. The complete sixth season. Boardwalk empire. Horrible bosses. And yes, each is the worst kind of HR nightmare. But Horrible Bosses is no Strangers on a Train.

Eschewing wirework and bullet-time in favor of painful contusions and awkward pauses, the story follows Frank, a devout, slightly dim short-order clerk Rainn Wilson , who experiences a major downturn after losing his wife Liv Tyler to a local mobster a gleefully evil Kevin Bacon. Mark I killed my mother. Shinji The whistleblower. Mark Murundak: songs of freedom. Ethel The debt. Mark Scott Walker: 30 century man. John The guard. Mark In time. Rowan Wendy and Lucy. Many of our staff are avid cinephiles — here are their latest film and TV recommendations… Drive. John The protectors. Mark Upside down: the Creation Records story.

John Game of thrones. Mark Red Dog. Liz Midnight in Paris. Mark Alan Partridge.

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John Contagion. Mark Kaikohe demolition. Description fron container The illusionist. We have some more changes coming also, so watch this space….. What can you expect? A few tales of mischievo… Cornelia Funke children's event Massively popular writer for older children although also with many adult readers; her work crosses over nicely , Cornelia Funke made a rare appearance at the Book Festival this year. With her boundless enthusiasm for stories she tells a packed auditoriu… Emmanuel Jal Forced to become a child soldier for the rebel army in Sudan's bloody civil war, Emmanuel Jal was put into battle in Ethiopia.

He finally escaped, told his story in War Child an incredible and moving memoir-cum-story and now spreads messages of peace an… Paul Preston Leading foreign correspondents such as Hemmingway, Gellhorn, Orwell and many others, now forgotten, were present during the Spanish Civil War. In this fascinating event, eminent historian Paul Preston explores their courage and skill and, through a huge t… Ewan Morrison and Alan Bissett The young men of Scottish literature are growing up and taking us with them!

Both talk about their latest books in this event: Alan Bissett about Death of a Ladies?

The FP Top 100 Global Thinkers

Man where his boy racer discovers a life of work, sex and love; and Ewan Morrison picks ap… David Simon One of the hottest tickets of the Book Festival, we were thrilled the creator and writer of HBO's universally acclaimed TV series The Wire, took time out to come to Edinburgh for the Book Festival.

David Simon first posed the question 'Are America's … Louise Rennison children's event Louise Rennison is splendidly wild, as are her characters. In this event she gives her legions of teenage fans the details of the final instalment of Georgia Nicolson? In this event he discusses and performs his dramatic works, including an intriguing glimpse at his as-yet-unmade movie of his fic… Arthur Smith The irreverent, hilarious and scandalous broadcaster Arthur Smith began his event at the Book Festival in the dark due to a complete power failure but with his booming voice and general good humour he revelled in the novelty of performing in the dark.

And… Griff Rhys Jones Comedian, writer, broadcaster and presenter, Griff Rhys Jones spoke at the Book Festival about Britain's rivers, taking the audience on a tour of the most beautiful and extraordinary waterways, exploring their place in the country's soul and their importa… Mark Millar Mark Millar candidly discusses comics, graphic novels and Hollywood with Stuart Kelly in this sold-out Book Festival event.

His bestselling comic Kick-Ass is being made into a film this year; Wanted 2 is in development after the success of his blockbuster… Malorie Blackman children's event It was a joy to welcome Malorie Blackman to the Book Festival. She is a fantastically inventive storyteller as proved by her innovative novel Noughts and Crosses. In this event she introduces Double Cross, the latest instalment of the series, to a pa… Judith Kerr children's event Judith Kerr's picture books, such as The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Mog the Cat, are classics and children love her work.

A festival favourite if ever there was one! A poet of passion, imagination and power, her latest collection, One Secret Thing, is at once unforgiving and compassionate, humorous and… Carol Ann Duffy children's event Our new Poet Laureate is as always provocative and heart-rending in equal measure. Her flair for language is nothing short of breathtaking. Listen to her event and be transported - best listened to with nothing to distract you from the warmth, the flow an… Tom Parker Bowles The popular food critic and writer Tom Parker Bowles traveled the country meeting the weird and wonderful people and dishes which make up our culinary heritage and in this event he talks about his discoveries with his customary blend humour and wisdom… Marina Lewycka Marina Lewycka is a gifted and entertaining storyteller whose popularity became assured with her first novel A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian.

Just like her books, her events are full of energy and humour which has made her loved by festival audien… William Boyd Expect storytelling of the highest order from William Boyd.

He's become a favourite at the Book Festival for his relaxed and witty events and, of course, for his brilliant stories. We were honoured to have her at the Book Festival shortly before she died; her performance sparkled with wit and lit up Charlotte … Alistair MacLeod Much to our delight, Alistair MacLeod agreed to travel across the Atlantic from his home in Ontario to be with us at the Book Festival. One of the foremost novelists and short story writers, he is a master craftsman, an exquisite stylist whose work i… Raymond Blanc One of the nicest chefs we've ever had the pleasure of welcoming to Charlotte Square Gardens?

Here he tells his remarkable life story, which took him from a boyhood colle… Alain de Botton What does work mean to us? Why do we do it? What makes it pleasurable? Alain de Botton's gift for looking deeply behind the ordinary, taken-for-granted things in our lives has won him huge popularity. In this event he brings us The Pleasure and Sorrows of… Alex Gray and Denise Mina A fantastic hour of crime fiction with two leading ladies of the Scottish crime writing world.

In this event she introduces her new novel, Baba Yaga Laid an Egg, an extraordinary meditation on f… Jackie Kay A captivating hour of poetry from Jackie Kay, a Book Festival favourite whose events regularly sell-out, this being no exception. Listen to her words, revel in the language. Definitely one to listen to again and again… Irvine Welsh The man who delved into the dark reality of contemporary Edinburgh was the first of the Book Festival's late evening events. Her writing has made her an international phenomenon and continues to inspire and challenge young readers.

From Nature to Plate captures his story from trainee to Michelin-star chef while taking us through the seasons and some of his favourite recipes. Here he tells stories, sings songs and regales the audience with anecdotes in an event like no other… Tracy Chevalier Talking about her new novel Remarkable Creatures, the queen of the historical novel this time tackles Mary Anning, the fossil-obsessed girl who discovered whole plesiosaurs in the Dorset cliffs.

Her finds invited people to question the literal truth of th… Sebastian Barry After being awarded the coveted Costa Book of the Year Award earlier in the year for his incredibly moving novel The Secret Scripture, Irish writer Sebastian Barry went on to receive the James Tait Black Prize for Fiction too, which was announced in a spe… Kate Summerscale Kate Summerscale created a bestseller about the true tale of the murder of a Victorian child.

Her novel, The Suspicions of Mr Whicher dazzlingly combines hard-dug research with the best of the crime writer? He talks about his new book in this event… Alastair Reid Gatecrash the final evening of the Book Festival to hear the brilliant 'word magician', citizen of the world, translator, poet and more, as he talks about his work and reads from a new collection of writing… Gavin Esler Co-presenter of Newsnight, one of our foremost commentators, Scottish broadcaster and writer Gavin Esler knows better than most what goes on behind the scenes in politics.

Lights Off The Quay, our first publication of new writing, is the result. A sold-out event at the B… John Burnside The finest contemporary Scottish writing commissioned especially by the festival. The latest book in the Artemis Fowl series described as 'Die Hard with fairies' by its creator sees our hero come face to face with his worst opponent yet - his younger, more evil self! Join energetic author Eoin… Jonathan Stroud children's event After the knock-out success of his Bartimaeus Trilogy, Jonathan Stroud previews his new stand-alone fantasy Heroes of the Valley in this event.

For children of 10 and upwards… Simon Sebag Montefiore … Tony Benn Passionately dedicated to politics and to ordinary people, Tony Benn is a highly engaging speaker. He speaks in this event about his warm, funny, feisty diaries which record his trenchant views on the political landscape of the past seven years… Lights Off The Quay - pt2 Janice Galloway We commissioned and published new stories and poems from four of the finest Scottish writers: A L Kennedy, Janice Galloway, John Burnside and Don Paterson.

A sold-out event at the B… Hanif Kureishi One of the most distinctive and fearless writers in Britain, Hanif Kureishi has been a major and vital presence since Buddha of Suburbia. For children of 5 and upwards… Susan Greenfield A powerful speaker and one of the world's foremost neuroscientists, Susan Greenfield discusses how we can safeguard our individuality from modern living in this event… Christopher Brookmyre Acclaimed Scottish novelist and hugely entertaining speaker, Christopher Brookmyre talks in this event about his latest book, A Snowball in Hell, which takes celebrity culture and turns it on its head… Sean Connery - filmed highlights On the day of his 78th birthday, 25 August , Edinburgh-born film icon Sean Connery chats with his friend and co-author Murray Grigor about a range of subjects including his much-anticipated book Being A Scot.

Here he speaks engagingly about his humorous and sad new novel, A Partisan's Daughter… Tariq Ali One of the most impassioned and eloquent orators and thinkers of them all, Tariq Ali's events are inspiring and unmissable. In this event Michelle gives an exclusive look at her first book in ten years, Just Henry, a gripping mystery-thriller for children of 10 and upwards… Xiaolu Guo Xiaolu Guo has won international praise for her work as both writer and filmmaker. In this event she discusses her latest novel 20 Fragments of a Ravenous Youth, which draws on her experiences as a filmmaker in Beijing… Richard Dawkins A brilliant evolutionist, polemical in his attack upon religion as an explanation of our world, Richard Dawkins was one of our fastest-selling events of In conversation with Paula Kirby, atheist and former Christian, he tackles life on Earth and the… Bill Paterson Bill Paterson, one of Scotland's most renowned and best-loved actors, talks with Ruth Wishart about his much-awaited memoir Tales from the Back Green in this event.

It's a wonderful portrait of growing up in Glasgow's East End in the s… Jackie Kay An hour of pure pleasure with multi-talented poet, playwright, novelist, storywriter, children's author and broadcaster, Jackie Kay. In this event she discusses her latest collection of poetry Darling, which gets to the heart of love with exquisite l… A L Kennedy The finest contemporary Scottish writing commissioned especially by the festival.

Hear him discuss history, heroes and his own writings… Howard Jacobson Howard Jacobson, the celebrated novelist and leading cultural critic renowned for his ebullient wit and passion for literature and art, talks about his new novel An Act of Love in this event… Salman Rushdie Master storyteller Salman Rushdie returned to the Book Festival in to talk about his sumptuous new novel The Enchantress of Florence with Ramona Koval. This is a short extract filmed live at the sold-out event where he describes the influences on his… Andrew O'Hagan A magnificently intelligent essayist, novelist, critic, and a mesmerising speaker.

Andrew O'Hagan talks to Magnus Linklater in this event about politics, Scotland and his recent collection of reportage on a declining Britain and a rising America, The… Andy Stanton children's event His mad wit is reminiscent of Roald Dahl and Monty Python and his crazy events are loved by children. In this event for 7 - 12 year olds, Andy Stanton gives an exclusive preview of his latest adventure, Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear… Brian Boyd - The Curriculum for Excellence Professor Brian Boyd, contributor to the groundbreaking report The Curriculum for Excellence, examines how to improve the effectiveness of schools and learning for all in this inspirational event… Janice Galloway Janice Galloway, one of the UK's finest writers, talks eloquently to Richard Holloway in this event about her outstanding memoir This is Not About Me, which vividly evokes Ayrshire in the s… Alex Salmond Scotland's First Minister and the first ever Scottish National Party leader, Alex Salmond speaks of his hopes and vision for the country in this event.

Chaired by Brian Taylor… Julian Barnes Julian Barnes, one of Britain's most singular and talented novelists, talks to Richard Holloway about his new book Nothing to Be Frightened Of — it is a deeply personal, moving and exhilarating autobiography-of-sorts: a mediation on death, art, God… Jonathan Dimbleby Outstanding journalist and presenter Jonathan Dimbleby travelled thousands of miles to get to the heart of modern Russia.

In this absorbing and often moving event from , he gives unique insight into a vast land in transition… A C Grayling How should we lead our lives? An hour of illuminating, engaging and passionate talk from the leading philosopher A C Grayling in this event… Lionel Shriver American author, journalist and critic Lionel Shriver talks, in this event, about her new novel The Post-Birthday World which imagines two parallel lives for a woman… Sergio Della Sala - pt2 The much-admired Professor of Human Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh, Sergio Della Sala takes us on a highly amusing and accessible journey, exploring the myths and beliefs about our brain.

Can mind conquer matter and diseases? New Children's Laureate and master entertainer Michael Rosen most famous for We're Going on a Bear Hunt thrilled Book Festival audiences in with this fun event for the whole family, full of silly, zany poetry told with infectious enthusiasm. Suitab… Philip Gourevitch The esteemed editor of The Paris Review, Philip Gourevitch discusses the magazine's position as one of the great iconic literary publications.

See him divulge behind-the-scenes stories about some of the world's greatest writers who he has interviewed for … Tony Bradman children's event Fun poems and stories from entertaining children's author Tony Bradman in this schools event for pupils from P Tony also reads from his new book Assassin, which features a boy growing up in Scotland during the time of Hadrian's Roman occupation… Raja Shehadeh A breathtaking event with Palestinian human rights lawyer and writer Raja Shehadeh.

He here launches his new book Palestinian Walks in which he crosses his land on foot; conflicts and history revealed in the beautiful and battered landscapes. With readings by renowned actors of stage and screen, Joanna David and Dan Stevens… Jacqueline Wilson children's event Perennial children's favourite Jacqueline Wilson is always a sell-out, and has the longest queues for book signings in the festival. In this event she talks about her new book for older readers and teenagers, Kiss which charts the adventures of growi… Ian McEwan Unedited audio recording of the event in which Ian McEwan chats with chair Ian Rankin about his early work, influences and most recent publication, On Chesil Beach.

Great fun! Listen as Alan Warner, author of Morvern Callar and The Worms Can Carry Me to Heaven, discusses the scope and ambition of his work… Nicola Barry Join leading journalist Nicola Barry for this poignant event from about her family's struggle and her ultimate triumph over alcoholism… Alan Bennett Alan Bennett talks about his latest sublime fiction, The Uncommon Reader, in this fun event. The story revolves around the Queen's dicovery of literature and is full of Bennett's trademark humour and humanity… James Kelman James Kelman is the single most influential Scottish novelist of modern times and Scotland's only Booker Prize winner.

Listen to him discuss his groundbreaking early work in , the year of its reissue… Ian Rankin Always a hot favourite at the Book Festival, bestselling crime author Ian Rankin's events are never less than entertaining. Here he chats to Magnus Linklater and reveals something about his new Inspector Rebus novel, Exit Music… Margaret Atwood - event with Alice Munro An extraordinary event from the Book Festival - an interview with two legendary, world-leading figures of Canadian writing, one on either side of the Atlantic.

Margaret Atwood in Edinburgh interviews and chats to the great Alice Munro in Canada, argu… Fay Weldon She's stylish, sharp, satirical and a great speaker to boot. A free spirit with a long and remarkable writing career, Fay Weldon talks in this event about her latest novel The Spa Decameron, in which ten women gather at a spa for pampering, new begin… Michelle Paver children's event Michelle Paver's book signing queues are getting almost as long as Jacqueline Wilson's and her Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series has become a massive hit with children; full of ancient artefacts and tales of survival.

Listen to this exciting event fro… Cathy Cassidy children's event Cathy Cassidy is back with an all-new lovable heroine whose family are a complete embarrassment - her mum is a drama queen while her dad thinks he's Elvis! Hear about the quirky characters and silly misadventures of Sundae Girl in this hugely enjoyable 20… Andrew Marr The hugely admired Scottish broadcaster Andrew Marr talks to Iain Macwhirter about Scotland, politics and life in general in one of our fastest selling events of … Sergio Della Sala The much-admired Professor of Human Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh, Sergio Della Sala takes us on a highly amusing and accessible journey, exploring the myths and beliefs about our brain.

In this event she talks about her latest novel Day - a moving, profound, beautifully realised story of a bomber in the Second World War… Billy Bragg Thoroughly at home with an audience, political singer and activist Billy Bragg inspires his hundreds of fans with talk of his new book, The Progressive Patriot in this event… George Monbiot - pt3 Passionate campaigner for environmental and social change, George Monbiot gives us practical, powerful solutions on a global scale of how to prevent further destruction of our planet through climate change in this event.

The video of this event is sp… John Pilger Radical, passionate and often controversial, John Pilger is one of the most important free spirits in worldwide journalism and filmmaking. In these video highlights from his event, he talks about the long shadow of imperialism, hidden censorship and … Phillip Gourevitch - pt2 The esteemed editor of The Paris Review, Philip Gourevitch discusses the magazine's position as one of the great iconic literary publications.

See him divulge behind-the-scenes stories about some of the world's greatest writers who he has interviewed for … Norman Mailer - live from America Live from America, the inimitable man of letters Norman Mailer chats via video link-up to Scottish writer Andrew O'Hagan in Edinburgh. Topics discussed in this extraordinary event include Mailer's career, his ambitions and his latest novel The Castle… George Monbiot - pt2 Passionate campaigner for environmental and social change, George Monbiot gives us practical, powerful solutions on a global scale of how to prevent further destruction of our planet through climate change in this event.

The video of this event is sp… John Pilger - pt2 Radical, passionate and often controversial, John Pilger is one of the most important free spirits in worldwide journalism and filmmaking. In these video highlights from his event, he talks about the long shadow of imperialism, hidden censorship and … Richard Ford A rare and long-awaited visit to the Book Festival in by one of America's greatest writers.

In this event from , he talks candidly about helping children reach their goals without teaching to tests… George Monbiot - pt4 Passionate campaigner for environmental and social change, George Monbiot gives us practical, powerful solutions on a global scale of how to prevent further destruction of our planet through climate change in this event. The video of this event is sp… Joyce Carol Oates One of America's most admired and respected novelists and a strong contender for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

A rare visit to Scotland by one of the most admired and influential writers of his generation was indeed cause for celebration. Pure pleasure… Charlie Higson children's event Charlie Higson brings the latest ingenious instalment of his Young Bond series to the Book Festival in Hear about the thrilling teenage exploits of the world's most enigmatic spy in Blood Fever. Suitable for year olds… Alexander Masters Alexander Masters' biography of homeless Stuart Shorter, Stuart: A Life Backwards, has been hailed by critics as startling, remarkable, rare, haunting and uplifting. In this utterly absorbing event from , he asks how a life can follow such a troubled … Margaret Atwood She is one of the world's most gifted and eminent authors, on a special visit from Canada to receive the Scottish Arts Council's Muriel Spark International Fellowship.

Always an entertaining speaker, here Margaret Atwood talks about her life as a writer i… Ngugi wa Thiong'o A major, first ever visit to the Book Festival in from one of the most important living African writers. Suitable for children aged 7 and upwards… Doris Lessing A great favourite at the Book Festival and one of the most revered figures in English literature, Doris Lessing reveals the full force of her literary intelligence as she discusses her career and recent writings in this event… Billy Collins One of the most popular poets on the planet and former US Poet Laureate in his first visit to the Book Festival in Billy Collins speaks without pretension and with perfect perception about the revelatory detail of our daily lives… Meg Rosoff children's event Will you step in front of a bus today or win the lottery?

The author of the breathtaking bestseller How I Live Now, talks to an audience of teens and adults in this event about her utterly compelling new novel on fate and what happens when fate doesn… Eoin Colfer children's event … Gillian Baverstock To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the publication of Malory Towers, Enid Blyton's daughter, Gillian Baverstock, shares her memories of growing up with one of the world's best-loved children's authors. Hear about the real-life inspirations behind Blyton… Michael Foreman - with Michael Morpurgo children's event A unique opportunity to hear one of the most successful and best-loved writing and illustrating partnerships, Michael Foreman and Michael Morpurgo, in conversation in this event.

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