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I have spent almost all of the last 9 years living steps away from the ocean with my children many of them on a sailboat. Each morning I view the sunrise, each evening I view the sunset and my heart soars.

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Winter Break Of Code moxie0 on 23 Oct Merchandise moxie0 on 06 Mar Company Culture. I must strongly disagree with 7 and 8 on this list, I have not only used it to hook up with people but also found the love of my life on whisper, it's perhaps the best dating app ever created, unlike tinder or okcupid which feels like a bar where everyone is competing and covering up their flaws whisper starts from a single thought someone wants to share about themselves. What a beautiful message and how it was delivered Linda! Really beautifully written, thank you for sharing.

I feel each one is a reminder of beauty, grace, infinite possibility…a gentle invitation for a heart opening. I tend to tear up each time. I sometimes ask for a message, as you did…and it comes in the colors, or the absence of color, or the temperature.. Joy, love your name As you shared, our soul speaks to in every moment — from the beauty of nature to every interaction we experience. It is when we open ourselves to receiving those messages that we are blessed with a state of grace. Thank you for your sharing your wisdom. I agree — Spirit speaks to us in many ways.

The Soul prefers to communicate via our feelings because we can readily understand the emotion that is driving the feeling. Today is one of those days. I feel my Spirit communicating with me now, my third and fifth chakras have a block of energy.

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Much Love. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! Oh yes Linda, I hear you. Especially at the moment. And then I feel that tightness and I have to remind myself what I advise others — get back in touch with nature. Be still. Why is the hardest person to listen to — ourselves? Congrats on the hard work and commitment it takes to write a book. This is wonderful!! Thank you for sharing.


I have had a similar week last week and when I allowed myself to just BE which is not the norm for me everything shifted. Oh, Dear Linda, This magical article is just what I need today and forward…… Wow…I feel so grateful to read this today and and it sing to my heart…. Calling of Soul and Spirit to relax and rest and go with the flow.. Thank you for sharing this timeless story, Linda!

As you so clearly shared, we can hear those messages when we slow down with the intention to be present. A win-win all the way around! Joan Like you, I am still integrating this new habit, or intention into my life also. Hi Linda, Such a lovely post. I honor the whispers of my soul by practicing mindfulness, doing my part and then trusting the process. My sacred life is a work in progress! Big love my friend! Beautiful post. I need no words for this. I get it! And it makes me sooo happy that you get it to. It is wonderful to find a sister and no longer feel so alone.

Nadia It was a very powerful moment for me … thank you for sharing your thoughts. Linda this is a beautiful post. It is a reminder to me to take it easy. Actually the Spirit has been speaking to me today as I received a similar blog in my inbox; time management is not what is important, wisdom and order is. Wisdom to know those things that are important and to order them in terms of what is priority. My soul is telling me to stop worrying about the clock and the amount of work to be done, but to choose the better things. Keep listening to those soul whispers!

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Whisper is the best place to discover secrets around you. Recent stories: 21 Strange Cravings Women Have On Their Periods, Honest Confessions From. Whisper is an app that lets users anonymously share their secrets with millions of others in acts of contrition, catharsis and some degree of.

I have been experiencing hearing those soul whispers a lot lately. I, for one, am incredibly excited, as I've been waiting a long time to get to this point. I can't wait to post our photos and progress. Devault Vineyards, Concord, VA. Darkside Stage , Pryor, OK.

Guardian claims "anonymous" app Whisper secretly tracks users, shares info with U.S. government

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A benefit for our Mother Creeper's young cousin, who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. More details will be released as they become available.

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  • Student, 20, makes £45,000-a-year by sharing ASMR clips of herself whispering.

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We use custom guitar picks by Clayton, Inc. Join us as an official Creeper! We'll email you our creepy updates. Sign up. Previous events. View on Google Maps. Mar Jan Dec Dec 8. He was inspired in part by PostSecret, a popular blog from the mids that collected anonymously sent, emotionally revealing postcards and put them online for all to see. Whisper launched in the spring of and quickly became popular among young users who found the experience to be equal parts therapeutic and voyeuristic.

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The question now is, How will Whisper build a business based on anonymous interactions? Whereas executives at other hot tech startups would likely endure torture before acknowledging that their business is based on traditional, old-world advertising, Heyward is up front about how Whisper will generate revenue. He cites LinkedIn as his inspiration, a company that has made a killing off of targeted advertising while offering premium tools to its users and building up a strong editorial platform optimized to attract eyeballs to its network.

Heyward has tasked more than moderators with keeping the Whisper community safe, supportive, and free of haters. So far, that effort has worked. In May, Whisper released a more polished version of the app that allows users to search for secrets related to specific areas of interest such as parenthood or celebrity gossip or locations such as Sand Hill Road or Wall Street. For the most part, Heyward is still figuring out what Whisper will become.

Not long ago, he found himself getting frustrated by people who kept sharing Whispers featuring sappy questions. As an exercise in empathy, he even forced himself to imagine what his own question to God would be.