Saving Your Marriage Without a Counselor

6 Reasons Marriage Counseling is BS
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The trust is broken

You will learn how to resolve conflict in a healthy manner. In marriage counseling, you will learn communication skills that will help you not only listen to your spouse but, to also process what your spouse is saying. You will learn how to communicate more effectively.

Can You Really Save Your Marriage Without Counseling?

When you voice your needs clearly and openly without resentment or anger, your marriage will prosper. You will learn how to be assertive without being offensive. Both spouses need to be able to talk about their issues without fear of hurting the other spouse. In marriage counseling, you will learn that you can get what you need without having to make demands and engage in conflict. You will learn to process and work through unresolved issues. Marriage counseling offers a safe environment for expressing any unhappiness you feel.

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21 Ways To Fix Your Marriage Problems Without Counseling Marriage Counseling Does Not Work · 50 Things that Will Save Your Marriage. Many women ask me how to save a marriage without going to a relationship counselor. These 8 tips are based on quotations about forgiveness.

Getting your feelings out into the open with the help of a trained professional may be all you need. You may find that your spouse is more than willing to work together to solve the problems in the marriage. You may also find that your spouse is unwilling to do the work. If so, you are then free to leave the marriage without any guilt because you have given it your best shot.

Better yet, you will learn more deeply who you are and what your needs are. You may end up finding that those needs can be met inside the marriage. You may not. In either case, this action step is to do a If your natural instinct is to cling to your spouse in times of trouble trying to get your spouse to talk, be affectionate, spend time together, plan a date-night, have sex, text during the day, or do an activity together I want you to have the courage to take a step back. What I want you to do right now is take a deep breath and focus on yourself without doing anything.

How to Save Your Marriage – The Experts Weigh-In

The important thing is to loosen-up the death grip that you have on your spouse. You can start by taking a deep breath and having a reassuring chat with your inner child who is probably afraid of being overwhelmed, consumed, or scrutinized by your spouse. Let that younger part of yourself know that you can always get some alone-time when you need it. But do at least one thing every day that moves you in the direction of your spouse. Now that you know the 3 tips for how to save your marriage alone, I encourage you to try them out.

This is simply the best clearest and most direct help I have ever read. Please move to Canada!! We need you. I really enjoyed reading this. I am going through a rough patch and will definitely give these tips a try.

How To Fix A Marriage Without Counseling

I feel like this article is either going to save me, my marriage, or hopefully both. This is the advice I needed, and I found it at such a crucial moment. Thank you so much! Thank you.

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Christian Marriage Counseling Advice Tip #7: How To Save Your Marriage

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Get clear on why you want to stay together and have a happy marriage. What else? Get specific.

Should we call it quits? A new kind of couples counseling

Be as thorough as possible. Stop focusing on the problems! Stop blaming your partner.

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Quit giving your friends a play-by-play of your last fight. Take a break from those habits and watch what happens.

Just breathe. Thank you, Michael!