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Florence's Family Album: A View from the Jury Box
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But when Lyn goes missing, dark secrets are buried. This is no fairytale, but a sordid story of strangely close twin brothers, teenage student lovers, and probable murder. The Australian's Hedley Thomas digs deep into a cold case which has been unsolved for 36 years, uncovering startling Every day, stories unfold that have no resolution. Unresolved is an investigative and immersive look at those stories, as host Micheal Whelan tries to determine why these stories - unsolved crimes and other unexplained phenomena - have no ending.

Experience the best in intriguing crime and justice cases that touch on all areas of the human experience, including greed and passion, presented by the award-winning team at CBS News' "48 Hours. In our seventh season, we examine the deadly police shooting of Afghanistan war veteran Anthony Hill. Hill was not only unarmed when he was gunned down in March , he was naked.

Exclusive interview with those who decided Martha Stewart's fate

The year-old was struggling with bipolar disorder and was off his medication. Maura was a 21 year old student in February of when she inexplicably drove three hours from her dorm in Amherst, Massachusetts to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and vanished. She has not been seen or heard from since.

Now two filmmakers set out to find answers on this mystery by diving deep into Maura's life, the region in which she went missing, Serial killers. Victorian-era murderers. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

ays.chipichipistudio.com/raw-heart-honey-an-eastern.php Each week, the Most Notorious podcast features true-life tales of crime, criminals and tragedies throughout history. Host Erik Rivenes interviews authors and historians who have studied their subjects for years, and the stories are offered with unique insight, detail, and historical accuracy. Host David Ridgen joins victims' family members as they investigate cold cases, tracking down leads, speaking to suspects and searching for answers. S1: Adrien McNaughton. S2 Sheryl Sheppard. John Douglas. Tom Williams.

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The Cleaner. Elisabeth Herrmann. Freda M.

Limited Tort: A View From The Jury Box

*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A View From The Jury Box is a journalistic approach to the long and complicated trial of Ron Blaney Jr., a deaf mute. Buy A View from the Jury Box: Read 4 Kindle Store Reviews - qavipagydagi.tk

Elisabeth Kuster. Katherine Ramsland. Serial Killers. Brian Innes. The Measure of Madness. Cheryl Paradis. No More Forgiveness. Rob Fox. Eddie Brady. Secrets of Criminal Defense.

View from the jury box

Burton Milward Jr. Am I My Sister's Keeper? Betty Hill Scott. Will Cupchik PhD. Why Do We do That? Roberta M. Subjectivity in Motion. Naamah Akavia. Jury Duty.

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Jeremiah Russell. And given the parallel results identified in county-level studies and in death penalty cases, the pattern probably holds true for jury selection in most states. It is not possible, even with this new data, to say exactly why a prosecutor, defense attorney or judge decides to remove any particular juror in a single case. But this racially skewed trend, played out across many cases, is persistent.

And it has two especially pernicious effects on the quality of criminal justice. In a system that already disproportionately prosecutes people of color, hedging the constitutional rights of defendants can be particularly harmful. Second, excluded parts of the community become more cynical about the justice system when they repeatedly see barriers to jury service. Kentucky, prevents attorneys from removing jurors on the basis of race.

To address the problem, state courts could adopt rules such as the one that the Washington Supreme Court approved last April. There are now over half a dozen states completely controlled by Democrats, whose ascendant progressive wing would presumably support such nondiscrimination protections.