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A Little Piece Of Heaven
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A Little Piece Of Heaven

Share your meaning with community, make it interesting and valuable. Peter and Joan thanks for a wonderful time , looking forward to next year.. Before the story begins, is it such a sin, For me to take what's mine, until the end of time? We had reached the end of the tar road and soon began negotiating a muddy and sometimes gravel trail that is called the Okkan-Tahbula road, the only one leading to the Bago Yoma mountain range, which, our guide said, would lead us past Tahbula Dam. Myanmar must improve community forestry plan Ask us or our community about the part of the song that interests you We will try to respond as soon as possible. He returns from the dead to apologize to her and tell her he will do anything to make it up to her, they get married and start killing people.

Children allowed. Previous page of reviews 1 - 6 of 24 Next page of reviews. Shadows at an A7X show: It's about a man who proposes to his girl, and she says no. He loses it, kills her, and does "unspeakable" things with her dead body.

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Then, she comes back and kills him. They make up, get married and go on a killing spree together. The end Such a beautiful love story. This song was made because they wanted that kind of "Tim Burton" feel. Not based on a freaking story.

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I believe that this song is trying to say that if you try, everything will work out in the end. I believe the song is about abortion. He was "weak with fear" that the child she is bearing will take her love away from him. He "took all possibility" of that happening by Generally women look older after having babies so he keeps her young and preserved by spraying his "fountain" of abortion pills on her "youth" babies The baby from the "little crime" of the late-term abortion is disposed of with a "heater" furnace.

It's not the baby's time to die "but bye, bye".

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He hears a baby crying even though he killed her. He realizes he was up "in a piece of heaven" playing God. He's suffering in hell and trying to make it up to the baby he killed.

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So they're both in hell because she's the one that let him perform an abortion on her. They "have a wedding" in hell which is ironic because they're just going to "start the killing" of babies again.

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GET HAIL TO THE KING: DEATHBAT MOBILE GAME TODAY. Avenged Sevenfold ,, views. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece Of Heaven [Official Music Video]YouTube. "A Little Piece of Heaven" may refer to: Film[edit]. A Little Piece of Heaven (film), a television film. Music[edit]. "A Little Piece of Heaven", a song by Kevin.

At this point we realize that he thought the "error of [his] ways" was not being married to his girl. He kills her, performs sexual acts on the corpse, corpse comes back and kills him, he begs for forgiveness, they get married, and go on killing spree.

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What does A Little Piece of Heaven mean? Login Create Account. Ripped her heart out right before her eyes, Eyes over easy, eat it eat it eat it She was never this good in bed Even when she was sleepin' Now she's just so perfect I've. Never been quite so fucking deep in It goes on and on and on, I can keep you lookin' young and preserved forever, With a fountain to spray on your youth whenever 'Cause I really always knew that my little crime.

Would be cold that's why I got a heater for your thighs And I know, I know it's not your time But bye, bye. And a word to the wise when the fire dies You think it's over but it's just begun But baby don't cry You had my heart, at least for the most part 'Cause everybody's gotta die sometime, we fell apart.

Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece Of Heaven with lyrics

Let's make a new start 'Cause everybody's gotta die sometime yeah But baby don't cry Now possibilities I'd never considered, Are occurring the likes of which I'd never heard,.